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This pregnancy came as a big surprise to us. After having Avery, deep down I knew that I wasn’t finished having kids. I thought that in a couple of years we would start talking about adding another little one to our family. Much to our amazement, God had a different plan for our family and that was to welcome a third child much sooner than we imagined.

Getting pregnant when we least expected it has become a huge blessing for our family. It’s brought MacKay and I closer than ever and the girl’s relationship has gotten stronger because of it.

One of the reasons I didn’t feel “done” after having Avery was because I wanted to carry out a tradition on MacKay’s side of the family. MacKay is formally R. MacKay Jimeson IV. Although I have never felt any pressure from anyone in his family, including MacKay, to carry on his name, a part of me has always really wanted to. I wanted RMJ V.

After taking pregnancy tests and going to my doctor to confirm by an ultrasound, it was up to her to tell me my due date. Like I said before, because we weren’t trying, I had absolutely no idea when I got pregnant or how far along I was. After doing some measurements, the doctor gave me a due date of early February.

I was by myself at the appointment but immediately began to smile. My doctor probably thought it was because I was seeing my baby for the first time on the screen, but little did she know that a due date of February was a big deal for our family.

You see, all of the R. MacKay Jimesons have a birthday of either January or February. I didn’t want to get overly excited, but deep down I knew this was number five.

This morning we confirmed what MacKay has known since I took that first pregnancy test (he would have bet money on it if he could.) We get to carry on that tradition. We get our FIVE.


It’s fitting that this little boy is the fifth member of our family and will also be named R. MacKay Jimeson V (nickname is still being discussed.)



He is perfect and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


Now the only the left for me to do is think “what am I going to do with a BOY?!”


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This post was written by Lauren


  1. Nadine Garcia says:

    Yay!!! It’s a boy!!! Congrats!!! 3rd time is a charm!!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you! It definitely is! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Yay! Congratulations, Lauren! How exciting. Love V!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you!! We are so excited!

  3. Tish says:


    1. Lauren says:

      I can’t wait!

  4. Jenrab says:

    Sooo awesome! Congrats to you and your crew! He will be an amazing addition to your brood! I’ll give you a few boy hints if you need ’em 😉

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you!! Yes, definitely need any advice you have! 🙂

  5. Emily
    Twitter: naptimeismytime

    I was thinking you were having a boy! Congrats! How absolutely awesome for your family…hooray!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Emily! We are so excited!

  6. Debi
    Twitter: TruthfulMommy

    I am so happy for you and your family, Lauren!!!Yay! COngrats.

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Debi!

  7. Congratulations! So very exciting!

  8. Patty
    Twitter: pattyaizaga

    Congrations! Yay for a boy 🙂

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Patty!

      1. Jessica says:

        Leslie, all the pictures are just beatuiful . Of course it helps to have such beatuiful girls and handsom guys to work with. Rashelle looked at your pictures when she was here Sunday she just couldn’t get over what a great job that you are doing. Love you Aunt BB

  9. Kay Griffin says:

    So excited for all of you!!!!! What a blessing to have 2 adorable daughters and now a handsome son on the way!!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you!! We can’t wait!!!

  10. CK says:

    Little boys are awesome!!!!!!!!! They LOVE their mommies in such a big and special way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lauren says:

      I can’t wait for that! 🙂

  11. Wow, congratulations on your huge news!!! I bet the girls will be out of their mind playing mommy to their new little brother.

    1. Lauren says:

      They are so excited! Thank you!

  12. Kerri
    Twitter: SavvyMomNYC

    How exciting! Congrats!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Kerri!

  13. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy
    Twitter: YUMMommies

    Awww….Yay! Congrats on having a boy and being able to carry on the family name! God’s timing is always the perfect timing. We might not understand it at first, but everything is revealed in time.

    1. Lauren says:

      So true! Yes, it’s so special.

    2. Anthony says:

      Hi Cindy! I am Barbara from Southern Lady’s Vintage. I found you through a long line of link from here to there to there to there…. you know how it goes! But I am so glad that I did! Your home is lvloey and I love it all! If you run out of things you want to decorate, just run on over to my home! I would love for you to decorate my headboard. I just love everything you have done! I hope you will visit me sometimes! So nice to have found you!BarbaraSouthern Lady’s Vintage

  14. Candace (NYStateofMoM)
    Twitter: NYStateofMom

    Awww I got so happy reading this!! So so happy for you guys!! You’ll never know a love until you have a son’s love. CONGRATS!!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you. I can’t wait.

  15. Natalie
    Twitter: corp2domestic

    Congrats on your baby boy news!

  16. Anna says:

    Boys are so amazing! Being the Mommy to a boy means having a guy who worships you for his whole life – what’s not to love??!


    1. Lauren says:

      Yay!! Can’t wait for that!!!