Jan 29

Things That Make Me Happy: Part 2

It’s been one of those weeks that I just can’t get out of my funk. I’m still getting over being sick from the weekend (this cough seems like it’s never-ending.) The snow day (although fun) put me a little bit off of schedule for the week and I still feel like I’m playing catch-up.

When I start to feel down for any reason, I always try to think of the small things in life that can make me happy. With three kiddos around and my awesome husband, there are so many thinks to be thankful for.

I started this series a couple of months ago as a way to remember the little things that happen throughout the day. It’s so important that we focus on those small things that bring a smile to our face.

1. Watching Harlan sound out words and then seeing her face when it finally clicks and she gets it.


2. Avery’s obession with tomorrow. In her words, “I love tomorrow.” Seriously, everything she asks for, she asks to do tomorrow.

3. Macks walking around everywhere he gets the chance.

4. Watching the girls’ faces as they see Macks walk.


5. The giddiness Harlan gets when she plays out in the snow. For being born in Florida, this girl sure loves her snow days.


6. Avery playing pretend in the playroom with her figurines. She acts out a scene between all of them with voices and all.


7. The look (and sprint) Macks gives me when he sees me walk into the gym playroom after I’ve worked out.

8. The hour MacKay and I spend each night after the kids have gone to bed just talking. Brings me back to the days when it was just the two of us.

9. Looking back at old photos of the kids. It’s amazing how one photo can bring you back to that moment.


10. Family movie nights. We bring out the sleeping bags and pig out on popcorn and candy. It’s the best.

11. The excitement I get for my sister’s wedding and being back together with my family. All of us.


12. When Avery asks to curl up on my lap so that she can take a nap.


13. Macks wanting to stay close to me when we’re out and I am wearing him.


14. Being able to spend one-on-one time with each child. That’s a true gift.


15. Avery’s dancing.


16. Har’s ability to calm Macks down even when I can’t.

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Jan 27

The Milestones of Motherhood

I cleaned out Macks closet today. I’ve been putting this off for quite some time. So much so that I’ve bought extra hangers just so I didn’t have to take his clothes down. I open his closet and it opens up memory lane. His clothes tell a story – one from each chapter of his life.






I wasn’t quite ready to close some of those first chapters. Until today. It was a huge milestone for me. One that I didn’t get through tear-free, but I got through it. I took each piece of clothing down and as I folded it, I quickly went back to that moment that he wore it, storing that memory in my heart, locking it and throwing away the key so that I can keep it forever.

It’s so often that we speak about the highlights of our children’s lives. The ups – taking first steps, saying his first word and the downs – teething, sleep deprivation. All of these are worth noting and shouting from the rooftops. But what about us? What about our milestones – those moments in our life that are worth remembering?

IMG_9338 copy


Like that time that I locked Harlan in the car and thought I was the worst mom ever (yeah it totally happened and I cried for hours.) Or the moment when I was finally confident in my decisions as a mother that I didn’t let some comment on the streets of New York City get to me the way that they used to. The first time I was able to leave my kids for a weekend with the girls without feeling guilty for leaving.

This past week we reached a milestone in our household, one that I would have much rather skipped, but  knew it was bound to happen. Every single person in our house was sick. Macks had a double ear-infection and the stomach bug, Avery went through the stomach bug then picked up a cold and a horrible cough, which then spread to Har, and by Saturday, I was the last man down. There is nothing like trying to parent when you feel like crap and you know your kids feel the same exact way. Thankfully I was able to help the girls supress their cough with Little Remedies® Honey Cough Syrup. It’s natural formula with only three ingredients helped give them some relief for their coughs and throats so that they could rest and I could do much of the same. We made it through and we are all on the mend, thank goodness, but it was definitely a rough couple of days for all of us!

The best thing about all of these moments that I love looking back on is that they were key points in my journey of motherhood. They were specific times that either changed my path as a mom or that I learned a great deal from. They were my milestones of motherhood.


{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Little Remedies. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me!}




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Jan 23

Macks: Month 11


Say it aint so! Macks is 11 months and growing like crazy. I swear each day he’s becoming so much more of a person with a beaming personality.

This month brought us a huge milestone. Macks is walking! While he’s not doing it all of the time, he is taking steps from place to place when he wants to. He’s realized that he can crawl faster than he can walk, so that’s what he prefers for the time being. He also all about mimicking. From shaking his head to sticking out his tounge, he loves to try to do what we are doing.

It’s so amazing to watch him comprehend things that we say. We tell him to give kisses, wave hi and bye or night night, do the milk sign, and he does it all. It’s becoming so much easier to communicate with him and I love it.

His birthday party is planned for early next month and I cannot wait to celebrate his first year. Now if only I can get my emotions under control. ;)

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Jan 12

Finding Calm in the Chaos

Amidst all of this chaos in our life, this is the calm that I needed. Even if it only lasted for a couple of hours, it reminded me that all of the craziness in my life is completely worth it for these few moments.Pin It

Jan 8

The Shape of Motherhood

I want to go back there again. To that place that allows me to see the story. The part of me that accepts that this is beautiful. This is the shape of motherhood. Pin It