May 24

Celebrating Tiny Moments


With summer quickly approaching, I only have weeks left before the girls are officially out of school and I’ve got all three kids during the day. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the days where we can just go with the flow and don’t have to adhere to any formal schedule.

While I’m looking for a summer with my three little ones, I am also a little sad that the days that Macks and I have together with just the two of us are coming to an end. He starts preschool in the fall, which means that for the first time in seven years I’ll have mornings to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the three hours alone every day, but I’ve come to cherish these moments that Macks and I have alone.


Our mornings have become something sacred to us. As the youngest of three, he’s often looked over or grouped with his big sisters in many situations. These mornings that we have together give him that much needed attention. And he gives me just as much attention as I give him. It’s so special.

Whether it’s a breakfast date, playing with trains, watching a movie or just reading a book, it’s a time that I put aside everything else and just focus on him. These tiny moments between together become staples throughout our day.



Macks is still very set in his routine. While we’re together in the mornings, it always involves bathtime for him. I watch him as he plays in the bathtub and then we go to his room for cuddles, lotion, and a book before getting dressed for the day. I’ve shared my love for Aveeno many times. Aveeno is a brand that I’ve always trusted for both myself and my kids. With Macks having such sensitive skin, I know that I can use their Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo during bath time and their Baby Daily Moisture Lotion after and at night before bed. It always leaves his skin feeling soft, and doesn’t irritate it.



Aveeno understands how special those tiny moments are throughout the day and they want to celebrate them with you. Upload a photo of you and your little one sharing a tiny moment together – and make sure to tag @AveenoUS and use the hashtags #TinyMoments and #AveenoBaby.

I know how crazy our days can get, but it’s when we take time to stop during the day and really enjoy those moments with our little ones. Because no matter how tiny we think they are, they can turn into big memories for us all.

I partnered with AVEENO® on this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

May 19

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19! I’ve teamed up with Big City Moms to share our picks for dad.

fathersdayheader fathersday1 fathersday2

  1. Travel Tray || 2. Headphones || 3. Travel Grill || 4. Shaving Kit || 5. Amazon Dot || 6. Bar Kit || 7. Blender || 8. Personalized Golg Club Covers || 9. Grill Kit || 10. Fitness Watch || 11. Tent || 12. Camera || 13. Photo Book || 14. Suitcase || 15. Underwear || 16. Customized Watch || 17. Backpack || 18. Star Wars Movie Set || 19. Can Cooler || 20. Bicycle ||
May 17

Escape the Wait

As much as we try to leave room in our schedules each day, our lives just keep getting busier and busier. And it seems that on our busiest of days is when life throws us a curveball, adding more stress to our day. It’s our job to use our time wisely, and Capsule helps you do just that.

Apr 20

Why I’m Happy Wednesday: 32

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