Apr 7

Treading Water


On Friday morning Avery crawled into our bed at the wee hours of the morning. She does this fairly often now so I wasn’t surprised and just moved over so that she could fall back asleep. As she layed next to me I couldn’t help but noticed that she was radiating body heat.

A couple of hours later we got up for our day (the girls were off of school for Good Friday) and noticed Avery just seemed a bit down. She didn’t want breakfast and just sat on the couch cuddled up next to me. I felt her head again and she was burning up. I took her temperature and it was 103. I gave her some meds to get the fever down and just relaxed for the rest of the day. That afternoon Avery mentioned she wanted to take a nap (which she never does anymore) and wanted me to lay with her in her bed (she was very specific) so we did just that. She woke up that evening mentioned that her ear hurt. Of course it was right after our pediatrician’s office closed, so I took her up to the urgent care center by our house. The doctor looked her over and told us that her ear was pink and diagnosed it as an ear infection. We got her antibiotics and went home.

That night she mentioned that she wanted me to sleep with her, so I bunked in the bottom bunk and layed next to her while I felt her really hot body next to me. I woke up a couple of times that night to take her temperature and at one point it was over 104.


The next morning the fever continued and we continued our cycle of advil to bring it down. While she was on the medicine, she was acting great. Almost as if nothing was wrong. But the second that it started to wear off and the fever spiked again, she’d get really tired and just lay on the couch with her eyes barely open. This vicious cycle continued until Monday when I finally decided she needed to go and see her doctor. Things weren’t progressing, despite being on antibiotics and I was getting really worried (don’t use google when your child is sick.)

As soon as we saw the doctor Avery was in her bad moment. The meds were wearing off and her fever was spiking. He took one look at her ears and told me he saw nothing. He looked around a bit more and noticed that her throat was swollen with white patches all over her tonsils. She has tonsillitis. Unfortunately it’s viral, which means that it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us get sick (Harlan is already complaining of her throat hurting and has a cough, but no fever) and there’s nothing we can do about it other than what we are doing with the Advil. He said it lasts 5-7 days and if she wasn’t getting better by Wednesday then we need to bring her back in.


Today was day 5 and I saw a teeny bit of progress. Her fever is still around 102-103 but she was able to go further than she usually does without her fever spiking. She did throw up today which I thought was a set back, but it was a one time thing. Thank goodness. Her energy level is improving and I saw a smile for the first time in five days today.  I am praying that tomorrow will show more of an improvement.

It’s been a long time since one of the kids has been this sick, especially for this period of time. I’m exhausted. Avery’s not doing much, but she requires so much of my attention. And of course I still have Harlan and Macks that expect me to be there for them as well.

I’m being pulled so many directions and seeing Avery sick has sent my anxiety through the roof. I feel helpless and my heart breaks as I see her in pain yet there is nothing I can do to make her feel better. It’s heart wrenching. These past five days it feels as if we’ve been treading water with no way out.

Now all I can do is pray. Pray that my little girl can fight this infection and get some of that energy back. Pray that I can get the strength to make it through these demanding days trying to juggle it all. And pray that the rest of the family stays well. We are headed to see my parents in Florida on Friday and I want it to be a vacation we can all enjoy. A healthy vacation for our entire family.

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Apr 3

5 Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

We are headed to Florida next week and I cannot wait to get out of this drab weather for some nice Florida sunshine. We have a lot on our calendar including a trip to Disney World, spending a lot of time with my parents, and of course a trip to the beach. After the winter we had, I am taking advantage of every single second by that water because I know we won’t be able to do that here in Connecticut for another couple of months.

Taking little ones to the beach can sometimes be intimidating. The days when all we used to do was lay out and soak up the sun are long gone, but it can still be just as fun and relaxing with the kids! I’ve learned a few tricks after taking the kids to the beach for the past five years that have helped all of us along the way!


1. Protect yourself and your little one. I always make sure that the kids are protected when I know we are going to be outside a lot during the warmer months, but even more so when we are at the beach. I’ll pack the bag with hats, sunglasses, rashguard, and of course, sunscreen. I’ve always loved using Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection® Lotion Sunscreen With Broad Spectrum SPF 55. I don’t limit it to just the baby and use it on all of us. It’s not greasy, lasts up to 80 minutes, and is water resistant.  It also doesn’t sting the girls skin and is especially great on MacKay, Macks, and Avery, all who have sensitive skin. Make sure you put the sunscreen on before you arrive at the beach so that it’s had time to settle into the skin.


2.  Bring the gear. You don’t need a ton of stuff when headed to the beach with baby, but you do need some essentials. I always bring our Genji pop-up tent. It’s a great place for the kids to take a nap and play while keeping away from the sun. It folds completely flat and compact so it’s great to just keep in the car. I also love to bring Melissa and Doug beach toys to keep them entertained. They are durable and fun and last us year after year. When the kids couldn’t sit up on their own, I’d bring our Bumbo (it was perfect for the beach.) I don’t recommend taking a stroller on the beach because it’s nearly impossible to push, but if you need the extra hands without holding the baby, I would recommend carrying them in a carrier. The Ergobaby Performance Carrier is great for beach days.

3. Allow them to get used to their surroundings. No matter how many times we went to the beach, all three kids took a long time to get used to it. They were so intimidated by the sand and the open water. Most of the time they would just sit on their towel and play the entire time, which made for a relaxing trip for me. But over time I wanted them to experience all that the beach had to offer. To get them used to it, I’d bring some water and sand in a bucket up to them to splash around and play with. Eventually they got used to it. It took a couple of trips to the beach for them to really enjoy it, but it was well worth the wait!


4. Bring powder or corn starch to help remove sand. This is one best hacks that I’ve ever learned. There is nothing worse than getting in the car or at home and having sand all over you and your little ones. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get off. I always bring baby powder (corn startch works too) with me to the beach. After taking a shower and drying off, I put some into my hand and rub it on the areas that we have sand all over us. The baby powder helps take away the moisture and the sand falls right off. Best beach trick ever!


5. Apply moisturizer once you return home. Once you get home and give baby a bath, make sure you put moisturizer on right away. Being in the sun all day and in the salt water and using the baby powder trick, it can suck moisture out of your skin. As you know by now, I am a huge Aveeno fan. I love using Aveeno Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion, especially after beach days because it gives me that much needed moisture for 24 hours. I’ll let all of us put it on and it leaves our skin feeling soft without feeling greasy. My favorite thing is that you can apply the lotion and almost instantly it doesn’t leave any residue. Macks makes is nearly impossible to apply lotion because he is always so squirmy. With the Sheer Hydration Daily Moisturizing Lotion, I can put it on him and let him run away without having to wait for it to dry and soak into the skin. Aveeno is so confident about their lotion that they had us perform the tissue test. Once you rub the lotion for 15 seconds, grab a tissue and pat it on your skin. Once you lift up the tissue, you’ll find that there is zero residue. This is the best thing about this lotion and why I love it for everyone in our family.

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Apr 1

Easter Looks for Kids


Everyone knows my girls love a good reason to dress up. It doesn’t take much and often they will ask to wear some of their fanciest dresses to school (which of course I say yes to because we don’t do fancy very often.) Every holiday I get the kids a special outfit and with Easter this Sunday, I knew I needed to get a little bit of shopping done.


Janie and Jack has always been a favorite of mine for the kids. They have classic, quality looks that never dissapoint. Macks wore a Janie and Jack suit for my sister’s wedding and couldn’t have looked any cuter.

So this Easter, I knew Janie and Jack was my go-to for all three outfits.


The girls helped me pick out their dresses (because they always have an opinion on what they wear) and as soon as the order came in, they asked if they could wear it to school. You have no idea how hard it was for them to wait to wear them .





I love the smocked detail on this dress. And Har loved the flower.




Avery, my little one that is obsessed with flowers, couldn’t be more delighted that her dress had them all over.


And I am totally speechless when it comes to this little man. I’m so used to him dressing more casual everyday, so when he looks all dapper in his fancy outfit, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face. He looks like such a big boy.


The bowtie. I can’t even.


I call this his GQ pose.



I love these three. Happy Easter!!!

Janie and Jack has so many great looks (and not just for Easter.) Take a look at some of my favorites:

easterlooks easterlooksforboys

1. Pink Button Down || 2. Yellow Pants ||3. Striped Shorts || 4. Plaid Blazer || 5. Hat || 6. Bowtie || 7. Suspender Shorts || 8. Plaid Button Down || 9. Striped Pants ||  easterlooksforgirls 1. Blue Floral Dress || 2. Flower Sandals ||3. Gold Mary Janes || 4. Floral Print Dress || 5. Red Plaid Dress || 6.  Gold Headband || 7. Metallic Mary Janes || 8. Straw Hat || 9. White Dress ||


(Thank you to Janie and Jack for giving us these adorable outfits for the kids.)


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Mar 18

Feeling Adventurous

It’s rare that moms compliment other moms. And it’s even more rare that we accept the compliment rather than tearing ourself apart.