Sep 18

Fall Mini Sessions with Lindsey Belle


The first fall that we moved to the city we started a tradition of taking family photos for our yearly Christmas card. It’s so fun to watch how our family has grown throughout the years and it’s a special way that we can capture special family memories. I’m so used to being behind the camera that it’s nice to be in front of the camera sometimes with those that I love the most.

Last fall Lindsey of Lindsey Belle Photography took photos of our family on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. It not only served as our annual “fall family photo shoot” (as I like to call it,) but it was also a maternity session of my little Macks bump. I cherish these photos that Lindsey took of our family so much. They are candid moments of our then family of four that I look back on and just smile.



I am so grateful for Lindsey for capturing these moments. She was personable, made the girls feel super comfortable, and was such a fun person to talk to in-between shots (she has a little girl, Stella, that is Avery’s age.)

We loved her (and her work so much) that we had her come over to the apartment to take newborn photos of Macks and our new family-of-five!



Lindsey is now booking mini sessions for fall! These are perfect for holiday cards. I’ve already booked ours for october and cannot wait to go back into the city to continue our annual fall family photo shoot!


To book your session, email

{Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I just love Lindsey’s work!}



Sep 16

Hello Harlan: Harlan’s 5th Birthday Party

IMG_1148 copy

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Harlan’s 5th Birthday with a Hello Harlan (Hello Kitty) party. This party was so much fun to plan because Har was actively involved in the process. She told me the theme she wanted and we actively searched through Pinterest together to find the perfect decor and ideas for her party.


I was over-the-moon excited to have this party at our house. Our apartment in NYC was too small to accommodate a lot of children and adults, so this was a very special treat for all of us. We planned to have everything in our backyard, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so I had to make a last minute decision to move everything inside. Although not what we planned, it was a wonderful party with great friends!



All of the personalized signs and table cards were such a great way to honor our big girl!



These Hello Kitty CandyBobs were such a hit! The Hello Kitty was made out of marshmallows and the rest was fun candy.


These cookies not only looked just like Hello Kitty, but they tasted so delicious! They were gone quickly.



There really is no bakery like Magnolia Bakery. I’ve used them every year and will continue to even though we don’t live in the city. They cake and icing are so good!

IMG_1141 copy




I went with a pink and red theme for the party and loved how all of the table decor came together!



IMG_1174 copy




Once the guests arrived I put out the barbecue we had catered from a local restaurant. It was a hit by all of the guests. We had so much left over (I always buy too much) that I made vegetable soup with the smoked chicken and brunswick stew with the pork to freeze and enjoy this fall and winter!





We went for the classic games such as pin the bow on Hello Kitty.




And the piñata. I wasn’t sure if this was going to keep them entertained the entire time, but all of the kids LOVED it!


IMG_1218 copy

This was such a special day for Harlan! I was so proud of her for helping me plan this and being so involved. I love doing things like this with her and it’s just a further reminder that she really is a big kid now.

IMG_0047 copy

Happy Birthday, Har!

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Sep 12

He’s a Challenge


9pm, 12am, 3am, and 6am. Those are the hours that Macks woke me up last night so that I would come and feed him. He’s perfectly capable of sleeping through the night, as I’ve been reminded by his pediatrician on several occasions. He’s even proven it to me by sleeping nearly 11 hours a couple of times. It’s not consistent, but I know he can do it.

Macks is by far my most challenging child. Especially these past few weeks. He loves to be held, doesn’t love to sleep, and insists on being entertained nearly all the time. He’s tested my patience and challenged my capabilities far more than I ever thought they could reach.

There are some days when I don’t mind his constant desire for me to hold him so he can pull at my hair and gnaw on my fingers. But then there are those days when I feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions and all I want is one minute to myself to try to gain some of my sanity back.

During those bad days, I tell myself that it won’t be like this next year. Next year he’ll be running around, climbing on furniture, and showing me just how crazy little boys can be. And that’s when I stop.

Macks is most likely our last child. These past seven months with him have flown by. Much faster than they did with the girls. As much as I love watching him grow and become my little boy, my heart aches at the thought of it. I love this stage. I love it more than I ever thought that I would.

Because Macks is our third child, I know what comes next. I know that those nights when all he wants to do is nurse and grasp onto my finger are numbered. The number of times that I’ll be able to comfortably carry him on my hip are slowly dwindling down. The days when all he wants to do is have me lay down on the floor with him rolling around and entertaining him by the simple nod of my head are decreasing.

That’s when I realize that I could have a thousand challenging moments for just one moment like that.

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