Nov 25

Why I’m Happy Wednesday: 15


It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for you to tell me something good. Tell me one moment (big or small) that put a smile on your face.

This week, in general, has a lot of happiness surrounding it. It lets us look back and see all that we are thankful for. I’m sitting here, with the whole family, in NYC. The girls are playing with their toys, while Macks sits here and plays with Toby, our dog, on the bed. New York City is one of our favorite places and to be able to spend it here for the holidays makes me happy.

Now tell me something good. Something that’s made you happy. It can be big, it can be small, just something that has put a smile on your face. You can participate by sharing a photo on Wednesday with the hashtag #WhyImHappyWednesday and tagging me @amommyinthecity or feel free to write it in the comments below. I do read them all and am happy to reply back on your good news! You can also join in the conversation on my Facebook page!

Nov 22

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Everyone

This year I’ve partnered with the lovely ladies from Big City Moms to bring you our gift picks for this holiday season! Not only are we showing you our favorite gifts, but we also have a ton of giveaways for you. On December 1st we will launch our Holiday Giveaway to give you a chance to win some of our holiday gift picks and more! So come back here or visit Big City Moms for your chance to win!

Gift Guide Header baby

BCM Everyone Gift Guide


1. Touch Brewer • 2. Pajamas • 3.Tray • 4. Tray • 5. Custom Watercolor Portrait  • 6. Salt Pig • 7. Piggy Bank • 8. Faux Fur Throw • 9. Yeti • 10. Memory Tray • 11. Personalized Trays

For full details and descriptions on each gift pick, visit the full gift guide over at Big City Moms!

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Nov 20

Moments for Me



There aren’t many moments that I get for myself throughout the day. I love the hustle (and craziness) of our life, but it’s also taught me to enjoy those moments of me-time.

Shortly after Harlan was born, I became a night owl. You’d think with the lack of sleep that I was getting that I’d go to bed right after she did to catch as much zzzs as possible, but I learned that it’s those moments when the house is quiet and you can see the night sky from the window, it’s those moments that I’ve come to cherish. And so much more so with three little ones.

After I put the kids to bed, I absorb the quietness that reaches throughout the house. There are only so few moments that it’s like this, but I enjoy them as much as possible. It’s then that I can take a shower and unwind from the day. I have no one rushing me, no one knocking at the door yelling at me because they need something. It’s just time for me.

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that I am taking part in the #AveenoDailyChallenge in November. I’ve noticed a difference from the past few weeks of the #AveenoDailyChallenge. My skin feels soft and smooth, which is saying a lot this time of year when my skin often feels dry and itchy.


I’ve made sure to take advantage of that time at the end of my day when I can relax and focus on me – and the AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash has been such a luxury in the shower. As soon as I open the lid, the light scent that comes from the bottle reminds me of being at a spa.


After taking my shower, I use the Daily Moisturizing Lotion, which helps keep in that moisture to continue that soft, silky, and smooth feel. Then I’ll get in my big soft robe and head downstairs and turn on the kettle to make myself a cup of tea. I know this makes me sound so much like a little old lady (and this is totally something that my grandmother used to do,) but much like the AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Body Wash and Lotion go hand-in-hand, my night time cup of tea with honey is a natural pair as well. I’ve been using both together for the past few weeks for the #AveenoDailyChallenge and love the difference in my skin so far!


I’ll sit with my tea in hand and my computer on my lap while catching up on work from that day. It’s nothing spectacular or even out of the ordinary, but it’s my me-time.

I used to hate being alone and even the quietness of an empty room used to scare me, now it’s those things that I’ve learned to love and cherish. And most of all, I’ve learned to cherish the importance of taking the time for me. Because I deserve it.