Sisterly Love

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I’d be lying to you if I told you that I wasn’t nervous about Harlan meeting Avery for the first time. Although we kept Harlan super involved throughout the entire pregnancy, there was no telling how she was going to react when she saw her baby sister in real life.

My sister stayed with Harlan the day I went into labor. She made sure to make that day all about Harlan. They went to the candy store and stocked up on candy, had lunch, and even did a little shopping for her new baby sister. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if my sister wasn’t here to watch Harlan that day. I am truly grateful for having her here in the city and so willing to help (love you Dan.)

We sent a picture of Avery to my sister so that she could show Harlan. Har’s first reaction to the picture was “That’s my baby. She’s so cute!” When my sister told me that, I was so relieved and thought that their meeting could go off without a hitch.

MacKay went home to get Harlan and they arrived at the hospital later that evening. I made sure to be out of my hospital gown and into regular clothes when she got there, so she didn’t freak out. As soon as she saw me and Avery, she ran up to us and jumped on the bed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this excited (literally.) She had her “big sis” shirt on and was so proud to show it off.

The first thing she did when she saw Avery was give her the biggest kiss. At that moment, with my new family of four surrounding me, I felt absolutely complete. I had my two daughters sitting with me showing an outpouring of love for one another.

Their meeting each other defined everything that I have ever wanted as a mother. So much love filled the room and my heart as I saw Harlan pour out so much love for her new sister.

Now that Avery has been in our lives for almost two weeks, we are slowly getting adjusted to life as four. Harlan has had her moments of needing attention, but I make sure to take that time for just the two of us. The love she has for her sister grows immensely each day. The first person she wants to see when she wakes up in the morning is her sister and the last person she kisses before bed is Avery.

Our new favorite thing to do is lay in bed cuddling and watching television, just the three of us. The more cuddle time Harlan gets with her baby sister, the happier she is.

As much as I try not to bring up Avery when it’s just the two of us, Harlan always brings her up in the conversation. “I love my baby sister so much.” she’ll say. Or “My baby sister is so cute.”

The love that this little two year old has for her sister is the definition of unconditional love. A love that anyone in their life would be lucky to experience. A love that I hope they share for a lifetime.

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  1. Rusti
    Twitter: rustilyn

    this is EXACTLY what I hope happens for Goose & Duckie – whether Duckie is a sister (which Goose says she really wants) or a brother (she says that would be okay too)… what a PERFECT experience, love it. has me a little teary eyed, knowing we have less than 9 weeks now to spend cherishing our time with Goose before she becomes a big sister. love this a lot – and also – you look fantastic!! 🙂

  2. Katy
    Twitter: dimsumdebutante

    Congrats, Lauren! Avery is such a lucky little sister!!

  3. Shell says:

    Your girls are so darling!

    Glad that adding a new baby to the family has been an easy transition! xo

  4. That is so sweet. My boys were the same way since the youngest was born. I’m sure that your girls bond will continue to deepen as they grow. Congrats!

  5. Pamela Brawer says:

    It doesn’t get any. Enter than this. -:) how sweet she is with her sister. She looks like she got the very best present there is…A New Sister. Also love the nails

  6. Patty at A Day in My NYC
    Twitter: nycpatty

    What a sweet sweet post! I love it! It make my heart ache a little bit because my sister and I are in the middle of a misunderstanding but I know things will be okay. All part of the “sister thing” 🙂

    Your girls are so gorgeous! 🙂

  7. Jesslie says:

    Wow this is really so sweet…I am sure there are some kids out there that are not like this…They are so cute!

  8. Nancy37

    What a lovely pictures, they are really sweet and adorable… It’s nice watching this kind of love…

  9. Jenn {Mommie Couture}
    Twitter: mommiecouture

    This warms my heart! So happy Harlan is so smitten with her little sister! XO

  10. it could be the pregnancy hormones but this post has tears in my eyes. darn you. i love how much Harlan loves her baby sister. I’m so hoping my son has the same reaction when we introduce his new sister. I know this made your heart so happy!

  11. Nicole

    Congratulation with the another blessing you have, you have a very sweet family relationship as what I have seen in your photos…

  12. Adhriene says:

    She is definitely so sweet and only few kids love their new sister or brother…Love those photos you have posted here…