Tiny Dancer

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Harlan was destined to be a dancer before she was even born. She was welcomed home to a closet full of tutus and ballerina stuffed animals.

Once she was born her love for music and dance shined through her. I was lucky enough to catch the first time she started to dance on video. It was such a special moment to be able to share with her.

Now at 2, she has completely fallen in love with dancing. To say that she is obsessed would be putting it mildly. She wakes up in the morning wanting to dress like a ballerina {have you noticed she wears a lot of tutus?} She sings songs to herself just so she is able to dance to them, and insists on putting on dance shows for us in the living room.

I’ve been searching for a ballet class for her since she was able to walk, but everything that the city offered required her to be at least 2 years old. You can imagine my excitement when she turned two and I was able to tell her that she was going to take a “ballerina” class.

The class I enrolled her in at Kidville was perfect for her because it incorporated all things girly, both ballet and a tea party. The night before her first class she wanted to put on her tutu and dance for us. When she walked out with her ballerina outfit on to show MacKay, his eyes lit up. He was so proud of his little girl and the smile beaming on her face showed that she knew it.

The next day in class she eloquently danced across the floor learning first and second position, how to plié, and how to twirl.

I was amazed at her attention span with her teachers. She didn’t stray from what they were doing for a second and watched intently as they taught her new steps.

The class ended in the most appropriate way possible, with a tea party while having the book Pinkalicious read aloud. We’ve never played tea party at our house, but it was the most adorable thing to watch her lift the tea cup correctly and sipping on juice.

She came home from class ready to show her daddy what she learned. As she put her feet together in first position to plié, I looked over at MacKay to see that look he had just the night before, came back as he watched his little girl transform into a tiny dancer.

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  1. Glamamom
    Twitter: glamamom

    This is the cutest thing ever! I love her running around class in the tutu! UGH! Tis the season of ballet enrollment and I’m dying for a little girl!

  2. Yakini says:

    Ooooh, she really was born to be a ballerina! This story (and pics) was sooo sweet!
    I’m with Jill – this makes me want my little girl! 🙂

  3. Jan Harlan Jimeson says:

    Precious moments!! I can’t wait to ‘twirl’ with our sweet girl…..love her!

  4. Mitch
    Twitter: gaynycdad

    Adorable is not a strong enough word for this!

  5. Cam says:

    Can you even believe how much your little girl has grown. From the first video to the pictures… wow. She’s precious Lauren, she really is!

  6. Jen {at} take2mommy
    Twitter: take2mommy

    Oh. My. GOODNESS! I can’t stand how adorable she is.

    And at two years old I can’t believe how intently she listened and followed the teacher. My boys at age two would have just wandered off…

    You must be so proud!

  7. Kate
    Twitter: Mommymonologues

    That is so precious! She’s so adorable & it looks like she did so great!

  8. Laura
    Twitter: meuninterrupted

    How sweet! I loved taking dance when I was younger. I’m sure she is going to enjoy it just as much!

  9. Emily
    Twitter: naptimeismytime

    Oh, so sweet! Harlan looks like she’s loving every minute of it, too!

  10. That is so cute! I just love it! There is nothing sweeter than girls in tutus dancing around a room, especially showing off to their Daddys 🙂