NY Daily News Calls My Baby “Mad as Hell”

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Since moving to the city I am still constantly reminded that I am not quite a “city girl” just yet. Yesterday Harlan and I were invited to the Madagascar Live kick off event at the Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center. Life size dress up penguins from the show waddled their way around the rink to show off their dancing skills and then made their way over to the crowd for some photo opportunities. I knew before I went that Harlan wouldn’t like the idea of seeing the penguins. Dress up characters are not her thing and she has shown her fear of them long before yesterday.

Knowing her fear, I still brought her up to them to take a photo thinking that it would help the process of her getting used to these people in costumes. As soon as we approached she started screaming. The crowd watching either laughed or felt sympathy for her as I told them to just take the picture {I wanted a good keepsake of our experience.} As I was trying to calm her down from her “traumatic experience” I was approached by two of the photographers attending the event that said they had a “great shot of the two of us.”

They asked for our information and said they wanted to include it in the New York Daily News. {This is where my clueless and naive side comes in.} I have heard of the New York Daily News but have had no idea what is was. I just thought that it was a local newspaper here in NYC. I willingly gave him our information {how cool would it be to have our picture in the paper?!} and looked forward to seeing the paper.

This morning I awoke to an email from Mitch, Gay NYC Dad who said that we were featured on page 13 of the paper. I made MacKay rush out to get a copy. After flipping through and finding the page I was shocked to find this.

Red in the face I looked at my husband and told him how I had absolutely NO IDEA that it was going to be like this. The guy told me he had a “good shot.” I guess a “good shot” for the New York Daily News is a baby screaming her head off. MacKay looked at me as if I was the last person on earth that did not know the New York Daily News was a tabloid paper. Well, I know now.

After getting over the shock and awe of having a huge picture in the paper with a headline that reads “Baby’s Mad as Hell About These Madagascar Live Penguins” I just laughed. This is something I can save for Harlan’s baby book and another thing she will probably kill me for later in life.

The NY Daily News is yet another reason that I love this city {as crazy as that sounds.} Not only have they humbled this wanna be “city girl,” but have also given Harlan and I another experience to enjoy together!

For more information on Madagascar Live, please visit their website www.madlive.com

For more {less traumatizing} photos from the event, visit A Mommy in the City on Facebook!
Photo via NY Daily News

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  1. Clarissa
    Twitter: mommy2sweetpeas

    I would keep it too. The experience is priceless.

    1. Lauren says:

      It is. Definitely an “only in NYC” moment!

  2. Anna says:

    that photo is so awesome, though of course not exactly fair that the photographer said he had a “good shot.”

    glad you are chosing to enjoy it as just another ny moment!

    1. Lauren says:

      I guess it was a “great shot” for the NY Daily News! Embarrassing and funny at the same time!

  3. cindy says:

    The picture is great. Definitely a keepsake.
    Most children her age are afraid of costumes.
    My daughter (3) only overcame that fear last summer.
    Which she is still not completely trustworthy of the costumed people.
    It is great you bought her over to the penguins and you are helping her try and overcome her fears.

    1. Lauren says:

      I’m sure it will take her a while to get over it, but slowly trying to get her used to them.

  4. I love it!! That’s definitely a framer! 🙂

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh yes! She will love me for it when she is older. 😉

  5. Awwwe! This is definitely one for the baby books. And something you can display in the slide show at her wedding!!

    1. Lauren says:

      Definitely! She will kill me for showing it at her wedding, but why not? 😉

  6. Danielle says:

    On my desk! Every time I look at it, it makes my day!

    1. Lauren says:

      It makes me laugh in embarrassment every time!

  7. Diane says:

    I love it. Those are memories that you’ll be able to laugh about together much later on!

    1. Lauren says:

      I hope she will laugh with me later on and not be mortified!

  8. Patty
    Twitter: nycpatty

    Love the pic! She’s so cute even though she’s not a fan of penguins 🙂

    I bought a copy just b/c you guys were in it. Hey did you cut your hair? You look great!

    1. Lauren says:

      I did cut my hair! Thank you. Still trying to get used to it.

  9. Laura
    Twitter: meuninterrupted

    That’s priceless. It’s a keeper for sure…I mean look at that face haha. I totally would have fallen for it too by the way. At least you have a good sense of humor about it and really…what does it hurt?

    1. Lauren says:

      I now know not to be so naive. It is a great story to tell and I hope we can both look back and laugh at it when she is older.

  10. Katie. says:

    Laughing and cringing for you in the same moment, Lauren! You look great in the picture though, so at least that’s a positive!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you Katie! I was trying to make the best out of her being terrified of the penguins.

  11. DaDa Rocks
    Twitter: dadarocks

    Awesome – save it for the wedding montage – never let her see it till then – PRICELESS!

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh it’s being shown at her wedding for sure!!

  12. Mitch
    Twitter: gaynycdad

    You are in the paper!
    It’s an action shot, clearly your daughter is a student of method acting, she looks great!

    1. Lauren says:

      LOL. Thanks Mitch!

  13. Can we focus on the positive here? YOU look HAWT!

    1. Lauren says:

      Thank you!! 😉

  14. Whoa! That would have blown my mind too. That’s crazy, but I would totally keep it too. 😉

    1. Lauren says:

      Yes, she will probably hate me for it later on in life. But I can’t bare to throw it out!

  15. Alicia @MommyDelicious
    Twitter: MommyDelicious

    OMG!!! This is so funny! The entire post. It really is a good shot of you… and Harlan crying like that, priceless! Definitely a keepsake.

    1. Lauren says:

      Ha! Thanks! She was terrified!